Modular API platform for income and employment data

Teal helps lenders from day 1, streamlining income verification without any added friction in their user flows.

Payroll connectivity

Real time income data extracted at the source, guaranteeing authentic insights

Teal payroll API connectivity

Live payroll API integrations

Consent based access to a user’s historical payroll data - fully API based. Teal's API enables lenders to receive income data safely from their users, fully embedded within lending flows

User-permissioned access

Teal allows users to access their data via login to their account, fully GDPR compliant.

Payslip Analysis

Teal takes the hassle of manual verification away, freeing up underwriting teams

Teal payslip analysis

Document processing

Automatic extraction of payslips information and instant data share. The data is then securely exposed via our API. We use state of the art LLMs in combination with our own models for maximum accuracy of the extracted data.

Fraud detection

Verification layer for detection of fraudulent document changes or manipulation. In order to mitigate the risk of fraudulent documentation, Teal offers a fraud check layer for the payslip analysis. Documents are verified for authenticity, controlling for visual inconsistencies and changes in the meta data.

Instant data

The data is exposed via API to lenders where they can integrate into their underwriting webflow to identify borrowers and obtain the data they need

Teal income API data

Immediate decision-making

By default, the data is extracted in JSON format after the request is done. The data will be exposed via our API, so lenders can receive it immediately and take a decision based on the shared data.

Analysis and verification

Data is also available in other formats such as CSV or ASCII, enabling risk teams to evaluate and verify users at a glance.

Connectivity dashboard

A no-code platform ready for business and risk teams to keep track of performance metrics, from user cohorts down to in depth analysis of individual records

Keep track of performance

Personalised dashboard experience to manage and track the most relevant KPIs for your business: track accounts linked in any time period;  evaluate the success rate and drop off of users through the income verification process; and compare conversion levels across different sources.

Zoom in on user data

Lenders have access to identity, income and employment data at the individual loan level. You can keep track of the history of the user, as well as export data in a format that is most relevant for their internal processes. You can also monitor the status of a connection and take action on users that are blocked in the process or have revoked access