Income Streams Verification

Verify your clients for income and employment in seconds

Teal helps lenders from day 1, streamlining income and employment verification without friction in the user onboarding flow.
Underwrite your customers with real-time data.
Make better credit decisions, with rich and reliable data.
Automate income verifications and reduce customer drop offs.

Instant data

The data is exposed via API to lenders where they can integrate into their underwriting webflow to identify borrowers and obtain the data they need.

API-based data

The data is extracted in JSON format after the request is done, so you can consume if for immediate decisions. I is also available in other formats such as CSV, enabling risk teams to evaluate and verify users at a glance.

Performance and user dashboards

A no-code platform ready for business and risk teams to keep track of performance metrics, from user cohorts down to in depth analysis of individual records.

Secure and compliant

Our infrastructure employs advanced security measures, including data encryption, regular security audits, and high levels of compliance, to safeguard user data against unauthorised access or breaches.