Real time income data for lenders

Connect to payroll data via one single API and make better underwriting decisions with real time data

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Streamline your income verification process

Underwrite your credit customers instantly with Teal. Our API provides income and employment data by connecting to payroll and HR systems or analysing documents, with user consent at its core.
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Reduce credit risk and operational costs

Teal helps lenders improve their risk assessment by giving access to real time granular income data throughout the customer life cycle.
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Increase revenues

Increase revenue with higher conversions, by offering fully digital and modern user flows.
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Lower costs

Reduce your cost of operations by reducing the share of manual underwriting.
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Better risk assessment

Access real time data to fit into your credit models, dynamically assessing customer risk.

Real time income and employment data

With Teal, you can access affordability data crucial for the underwriting process at the most granular level.
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Learn everything about your borrower's earnings and automatically know they’re the right fit.


Get insights on borrower's employment history and validate their affordability.


Know your customer and make confident decisions about their credit worthiness.

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